Other Services

Stage to Simplify

We all have "stuff" in our homes. Fritzhenry Design & Home Staging recognizes that our "stuff" can meaningful but it can also be overwhelming. We do not believe in just "tossing everything" and starting over; we believe that your possessions should be handled with respect and care. We help you sort through the physical "stuff" and create a space you can live in--a space that makes you feel good, and that supports your lifestyle.

Stage to Celebrate

Fritzhenry loves parties! We can help you create memorable, smashing spaces for any special occasion. Weddings, holidays, family reunions, Bar & Bat mitzvahs, corporate events, birthdays, showers, you name it! We can do as little or as much as you'd like to help make your celebrations truly special.

The Gift of Staging

Have you heard a friend or family member say, "I wish one of those makeover shows would come to MY house!"? Their wish can come true! Fritzhenry Design & Home Staging offers gift certificates for all of our services. Contact us to give a gift that will be appreciated (and talked about!) for years to come.

Fritzhenry Design & Home Staging prepares homes to sell quickly and for top dollar and can make your house feel more like a home. Contact Fritzhenry Design & Home Staging to find out how Staging can make a difference in your life.