Stage to Sell

Staging Walk & Talk

Erica will walk through the home, room by room, providing recommendations regarding everything that needs to be done to make the home market-ready. The Sellers take notes and can ask any questions they would like. (*This is only a consultation--no actual hands-on Staging will take place.)

Drive-by Staging

Need a home Staged in a hurry? This is the perfect option. After you complete some preparatory tasks we will come to your home and Stage® using what you already have on hand. Quick in, quick out! Your home will be professionally Staged which will qualify it as a "Certified Staged Home". Then we will add it to the Featured Listings page of and will share it on Fitzhenry's social media pages adding valuable additional marketing exposure. Additionally, the investment in the Drive-by Staging is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Hands-On Stage to Sell Services

Let us handle this for you! The best option for homeowners without the time or energy to Stage® their home themselves. Fritzhenry Design & Home Staging will use proven techniques which will allow the house to appeal to the maximum number of buyers. We can do as little or as much as a Seller would like and have a wide inventory of furniture and accessories available to create the look that will WOW potential buyers. The investment in Hands-On Staging is also TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Can Home Staging REALLY help get your house sold? YES!

Staging Statistics on Media Center95% of Staged houses sell, on average, in 11 days or less and sell for 17% more than un-Staged houses.

Additionally, the National Association of Realtors® reports that the average price reduction is now 10-20% over the lifetime of the listing. When a house is Staged, it will sell faster and is therefore less likely to have to go through a price reduction.

Fritzhenry Design offers Stage to Live and Stage to Work services too! You don't have to be moving to benefit from Staging®!

Want to sell YOUR house quickly and for top dollar? Want yours to be the "must-see" house on the market? Stage BEFORE you put your house on the market. Contact us today!